Challenges faced by Zimbabwean Forex Traders

As Zimbabwean forex traders, we are faced with a number of challenges. The first one is that some brokers do not accept Zimbabweans on their platforms. Thus it can be quite a challenge trying to get a reliable broker who accepts us. There are some shady brokers out there who can make it difficult for you to withdraw your profits.

It does not have to be that difficult for you though, we have compiled a list of recommended brokers that you can use below. These brokers have been in operation for a long time and are reliable.

You can easily open an account with any of these brokers. We will advise you to open 2 accounts with 2 different brokers, 1 for short-term withdrawals and the other for long-term compounded growth.

Brokers For Use By Zimbabwean Forex Traders

  •  We have put Deriv at the top because it is the most popular broker among Zimbabwean and other African traders the world over. For those in Zimbabwe, the broker offers a low deposit account of just $5.

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